What are The Most Effective Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth?

Almost every woman dreams of long curls because they perfectly emphasize the natural beauty of the fair sex. For a month, our hair can grow by one or two centimeters, but if you take care of it incorrectly, or your body suffers from a nutritional deficiency, then you will not see a good result. What to do to quickly grow a braid like Rapunzel’s? Read our article.

What are The Most Effective Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth

Proper nutrition

The basis of all the basics is a healthy and balanced diet. If you only eat food garbage, then you will not see a long braid. If you receive a meager amount of truly useful microelements, the body will immediately redistribute them for the life support of organs. The hair will have absolutely nothing left, and instead of an extra centimeter of healthy and shiny length, you will receive a barely living “straw”.

If you do not want to put up with this state of affairs, then you need to correctly build a diet and include enough slow carbohydrates, fats and proteins in it. The following products are considered “activators” of hair growth: sea fish, cabbage, vegetable oils, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate.

Useful supplements

If you absolutely need to grow your hair by summer, regular nutrition alone is not enough. Go to the pharmacy and buy vitamins for hair growth. Make sure that the composition of the drug suggested to you by the pharmacist contains the following substances useful for hair growth:

  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin A;
  • vitamin E;
  • zinc;
  • biotin.

Our hair needs these microelements to start actively growing. If they are not found in the composition of vitamins, then try to find another remedy.

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Care products

To grow luxurious hair, it is not enough to influence the hair only from the inside. You need to choose the right care for you, consisting of at least shampoo, balm, mask and non-rinse agent. Remember: buying any products on the advice of a friend is useless. Most likely, your hair has completely different needs. Pay attention to professional hair care products like Re-Gro Maintenance Care Kit, Empress Re-Gro Minoxidil Topical Solution, and Empress Hair Styling.

By the way, choosing a cosmetic arsenal for hair should be based not so much on the quality of the hair as on the type of scalp. If your head gets dirty quickly, it means that shampoos with parabens and silicones in the composition are contraindicated for you. Give preference to organic, but always keep a deep cleansing shampoo at home, which is necessary for periodically cleansing your hair from the remains of styling and care products.

Salon coloring

If you still think that home coloring is no different from the salon, then it is not surprising that you are unable to grow your hair. Remember: household dyes are designed to change the hair color of absolutely any type.

This is achieved due to a universal oxidizing agent that corrodes both the hair pigment and its tissues. Coloring with such a tool will turn even the thickest hair into a short hedgehog.

Only an experienced master working in the salon can choose the dye that is suitable for you, which will not only protect your hair from damage but also make it luxurious, as it was originally intended. Upon request, a professional hairdresser can also provide grooming treatments that have a beneficial effect on hair growth rate.

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Regular head massage

A head massage is a real pleasure, which also helps to grow hair quickly and relieve stress. By improving blood circulation in the scalp area, you will grow a real “mane”. By the way, it is not necessary to apply for a quality massage in a spa or to bully your husband. It is enough just to comb the hair correctly with a massage comb:

  • 50 times upward from the back of the head, having previously tilted the head;
  • 50 times from the forehead to the back of the head, without bending.

Kneading the head along the parting lines also shows high efficiency. Gently rubbing the skin with your fingertips will help you feel the heaviness in your head. You will see the result very soon.

The right comb

The comb can be our hair’s friend and worst enemy. If you bought a cheap comb that tears and tangle your hair, you won’t see the length. Even if the hair grows like crazy, it will break off at the ends at the same speed when combing.

Therefore, the selection of a comb should be approached with great care. Ask the shop assistant to show you a comb, which does not pull or tangle your hair. You can be sure that you can choose a decent option for any budget.

Silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are the best long-term investment in the beauty of your hair. The fact is that they create less friction than cotton ones, so your curls will have less chance of tangling or breaking during sleep. Lifehack from stylists: roll your hair into a loose “donut” at the top of the head and wrap it in a silk scarf or shawl to get the same result.

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Give up ironing

The easiest way to speed up hair growth is to use fewer styling products, even less comb and hairdryer manipulation, and very few stylers. By the way, refusing to straighten your hair with an iron will have a beneficial effect on your image. Straight hair loses freshness too quickly, and therefore looks not only flat but also dirty (even if you washed it several hours ago).

Avoid bundles

No matter how cute and multifunctional this hairstyle may seem to you, you’d better avoid it. Always remember that when you have long hair, a large knot looks out of proportion in relation to your face.

Cut hair often

The ends of long hair are constantly exposed to styling products and stylers, so they get dry especially quickly. Ask your hairdresser to cut 1 centimeter every month (your hair grows faster than you think, and this will not affect the length). If you wait too long, the ends will split, and the next time you will have to cut off twice or even three times more.

Cut hair correctly

If your hair is in the awkward stage of growing back, be sure to contact a stylist for a well-groomed look. Long strands and a few layers in the front of the head will give the illusion of length and it will be easier to grow hair. But in any case, your locks should come to a certain point in the center of the back. This way thick hair doesn’t look too heavy, and thin hair, on the contrary, adds texture.

Take care of your scalp

Additional scalp care may resemble a clinical case, but rubbing in a serum or using a therapeutic shampoo that contains essential oils (such as avocado) several times a week will not be superfluous. Intensive scalp nourishment creates the foundation for healthy and strong hair without any breakage. And do not be lazy to do a scalp massage for a minute or two: It stimulates blood circulation and produces obvious improvements.

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