Hair Growth – The Best 2020 Tips and Products for Afro American Women

Hair Growth - The Best 2020 Tips and Products for Afro American WomenLong and thick hair is the dream of many women and girls. In this topic, the most important question is: “How to grow long hair if you are Afroamerican?” Unfortunately, not everyone manages to grow long, thick hair as quickly as possible. There are many tried and tested ways to grow long hair either at home or using salon treatments. Many of them are wrong, many seem to provide the placebo effect, but some may actually help.

How long it takes to grow long hair?

The main thing here is to be patient. Keep in mind that it will not be possible to grow long hair in a week, month, and sometimes even a year. It all depends on the state of your hair and predisposition.

There are three phases of hair growth, namely:

  • anagen. The longest phase of 2 to 5 years. During this period, the roots are formed, the hair is constantly growing, the follicles divide very quickly;
  • catagen. The shortest phase lasts several weeks. At this stage, growth stops, the follicle stops dividing and it itself moves closer to the surface, preparing for loss;
  • telogen. Actually, the phase of loss, lasts about 3 months. It is during this period that hair falls out when washing, combing, styling, etc. At this point, new hair begins to grow in place of the old one. The norm for loss is up to 100 hairs per day. You should contact a trichologist if you notice that the number of hair fallen out is increased.
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In childhood, the life cycle of growth is longer. With age, most of the nutrients are given to the body and less to the hair. Therefore, it becomes much more difficult to grow hair as long as it was in childhood.

On average, hair grows by 2 cm per month. But it is a very individual process. In a year, the norm is an increase in hair by 12-14 centimeters. Thus, we get the answer to the popular question: “How long can you grow your hair?” If you count, it takes at least a couple of years to grow long hair. Be patient, growing hair is a long, different process, but definitely worth it.

How to take care of black hair at home for growing long hair?

If you yourself want to provide the most comfortable conditions for enhanced hair growth, you need to be non-aggressive towards hair, keep nutrition and take vitamins, stimulate and moisturize your hair with masks, oils and special black hair growth products. So, to make life easier for your hair, you need:

  • refuse using hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. They make hair very dry, contribute to splitting. If the ends split, it is recommend to cut them off. After all, if you do not cut off the split ends, the hair scales will cling to each other and, as a result, the hair will get messy. The aesthetic appearance of the hair suffers. Living and healthy hair looks much nicer, rather than half-dead, lifeless hair;
  • avoid styling products, they are also very damaging to your hair. Replace them with beneficial leave-in sprays, nourishing masks and vitamin complexes. But do not overdo it, this can lead to a strong oily content, which is also not good and will significantly reduce the speed of hair growth;
  • choose safe accessories: elastic bands that do not “pull out” hair and combs made from natural materials. These combs will not harm or electrify your hair. It is better to use these combs more often, so you will massage the scalp, providing blood flow to the follicles. And this contributes to the rapid growth of hair;
  • wash your hair properly. It is not recommended to wash your hair “upside down” as you wash the back of your head well, but the hair will remain dirty in front. It is very important to choose the right shampoo is very important. This is already 50% of the success. It is not worth stopping your choice on shampoo “for growth” or “for strengthening”, they will not be of any use. To strengthen hair or accelerate growth, you need to act on the follicle, and this is not so easy. Better to use masks, conditioners. It is also worth washing your hair with water at room temperature – very hot and very cold water stimulates the production of sebum and the hair gets dirty faster;
  • make natural traditional masks, rinse hair with herbal infusion and, in general, use natural cosmetics, since natural ingredients stimulate better when growing hair at home.
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Salon treatments for african american hair growth

Salon treatments help to grow hair faster. Such procedures improve blood flow to the bulbs, awaken dormant ones and nourish not only the hair, but also the scalp itself. The procedures are the following:

  • Darsonval – glass comb with high-frequency weak current;
  • Mesotherapy – subcutaneous microinjections. It contains various nutritional components, vitamins and a vasodilator. Disadvantage – soreness;
  • Ozone therapy is also an injection, but with an ozone mixture. It improves both blood flow and lymph flow;
  • Laser comb – like Darsonval, only with laser light. It awakens dormant follicles very well.

Best products for african american hair growth

Empress Re Gro offers the following products for growth and styling:

  • Africa’s Best Organics Olive Oil Styling Gel 15 oz;
  • Africa’s Best Organics Smoother And Polisher Smoothing Serum 6oz;
  • African Pride Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Creme 6 oz;
  • Africa’s Best Instant Oil Moisturizer 12 oz.
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