Top Tips To Grow Your Hair Long at Home

We decide to provide some tips on how to grow hair long. We also provide the list of top products that strengthens and nourishes your hair. It helps avoid hair breakage and loss, as a result. We pick up the list of top Amazon products that will make your hair shine, beautiful, long, and looking healthy.

We do not promote any product but their usage may really help your hair. Glad to provide links to Amazon where you can easily make an order. We select not only shampoos, conditioners, and masks but brushes from natural materials, as well.

Top products for stimulating hair growth

empress re-gro

Empress Re-Gro Strengthening Shampoo


by Tayongpo

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This is a strengthening shampoo applied to strengthen damaged hair. Your hair will become manageable, glow, shiny. It is applied as ordinary shampoo for several minutes and then, wash it off.

ginger oil

Ginger Germinal Oil, 2020 Hair Growth Ginger Essential Oil



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It nourish hair roots, awakens hair follicles. It also stimulates hair follicles to grow more healthy hair. This oil provides the nutrients required for hair growth, improves the growth environment.

PURA D'OR Hair Thinning Therapy

PURA D’OR Hair Thinning Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum Revitalizer

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This serum contains Niacin, Biotin, Argan Oil, antioxidants and other natural ingredients that cleanse the scalp and encourage healthy hair, strength and resiliency. It is chemical free. It prevents hair breakage and increases hair volume.

bestool brush

BESTOOL Hair Brush, Boar Bristle Hair Brushes for Women


by Bestool

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This is a natural brush fit for women, kids, and even men. It detangles, massages, smoothes all wet/dry hair. Especially restore natural health for hair loss, greasy, frizzy, itching.

Top tips on how to grow long, healthy hair

Tip#1: Proper nutrition

The main building block and growth accelerator for hair cells is protein. Add eggs, fish, dairy and meat products to your daily diet. Make your diet rich in omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids that are a part of olive and flaxseed oils. Use these oils with green salads or take a spoonful a day. Take growth activator like vitamins A and E, for example, carrots, cabbage, and beets. Our hair feels a great demand in zinc. Besides pumpkin seeds and beef, chocolate contains a decent amount of it. It is very important to drink the right amount of water – at least 1.5 liters. Add to the diet pharmaceutical mineral complexes for hair growth.

Tip#2: Regrow hair products

Do not buy shampoo following only the recommendations of a friend. Your friend may have a great effect, and you might not get the same effect. Always start choosing shampooo with your scalp type. Good work of the sebaceous glands will not inhibit the development of the bulbs. In order not to weigh down your hair, give preference to shampoos without silicone and parabens in the composition of virtually organic production. Conditioners, balms and masks prevent damage and breakage of strands, and oils strengthen them along their entire length. Once every 4-6 months, you can use special shampoos or capsules for hair growth. As a bonus, buy a professional tonic or serum.

Tip#3: Home hair mask

How to quickly grow hair without leaving home? The most famous homemade growth-boosting mask is the “pungent” mustard mask, which enhances blood circulation. Take 2 tablespoons of mustard, 1 yolk, a teaspoon of honey, add 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil and a little hot water, mix everything into a homogeneous mass. Apply the mask only to the scalp, put a shower cap on top and warm with a towel. Hold for 15-30 minutes, whoever has enough patience, rinse and leave to dry without a hairdryer. The procedure works with regular use. The effect will be visible if you repeat the procedure a couple of times a week.

Tip#4: A haircut

Trim the ends of your hair at least every 3 months to keep them healthy. Check the lunar calendar first. Always cut your hair on the growing moon (the 3rd and 4th days are especially effective). You should also trim your hair once a month or two.

Tip#5: Salon treatments

Beauty salons offer all kinds of treatments to improve the condition of the hair and increase the rate of its growth. They offer scalp injections based on an individually selected cocktail of vitamins and minerals. With their help, hair loss decreases and stops. Hair growth begins. The procedure has a significant list of contraindications, be sure to consult before going all out. In the arsenal of salons there are also “shock” darsonval (stimulation of the bulbs with light shocks), thermo saunas (prevention of hair loss), creatine recovery, hair ozone therapy (treatment with ozone) and all kinds of spa treatments.

Tip#6: Dandruff

Sometimes dandruff interferes with the correct answer to the question “how to grow long hair”. Treat seborrhea to improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

Tip#7: Massage

Regular head massage is a gentle way to regrow hair. At the same time, it helps get rid of the general stress body state. During the day, once or twice, slightly pull yourself for strands. It is good to massage the head along the parting. Start in the center, rubbing and kneading the skin along the line so on throughout the entire head area, alternating between the right and left sides. The most pleasant way is to massage with light, circular motions with your fingertips, starting from points behind the ears and the base of the neck upwards.

Tip#8: Brushes

The secret of the Rapunzel comb: the hair should be thoroughly combed 1-2 times in the morning and at night, stimulating the work of the capillaries. It is recommended to choose brushes with natural bristles. Except for curly hair, where it can get tangled up tightly. Combs are ideal for curly hair. To stimulate growth, you can choose a massage comb with round nubs at the tips of the bristles. Remember that every comb has an expiration date, which is usually indicated on the packaging. For natural ones, for example, the optimal one is 6 months.