Alcoholism and Sexuality (Erectile Dysfunction)

Alcoholism affects all spheres of human life. This disease is more common in men. Among women, it is common and has a more negative impact. This is due to peculiarities of a female body.

Alcoholism and impotence are interrelated, and it happens that impotence becomes the cause of alcoholism. But more often it is alcoholism that leads to male impotence.

Effects of Alcohol on Potency

Sexual attraction during alcohol intake tends to rise. And it does not matter what to drink. Any alcohol acts on sexual disinhibition. Alcohol, in general, is taken with the goal of liberation. Under its influence, it becomes easier for a person to communicate, setting aside all kinds of complexes.

Complexes in humans can be numerous – this in many cases is the cause of alcoholism.

Men initially take alcohol to get away from home turmoil, teenagers – to be more courageous with friends, and generally in the company of peers. And since adolescent period itself is a period of development of sexuality, one can imagine how alcohol affects young people.
Alcohol with ViagraIn sexual emancipation after taking alcohol, an important role is played by the way a person controls himself. The fact is that control is weakened. The whole environment seems attractive. Unknown women begin to be attractive to the intoxicated man, even if in reality, they are not his type. Hints of sex seem to him tempting. For this reason, there is random sexual intimacy, fraught with adverse consequences. For example, a venereal disease also affects potency.

Some researchers suggest that during alcohol intoxication, the general perception of the other person is violated. This is manifested, for example, in what surrounding representatives of the opposite sex seem to be to a drunk man. If we assume that they have some disproportion in the face, or they have the most ordinary appearance, then to a drunk person suddenly it seems the opposite. Perhaps this is due to the fact that alcohol affects certain areas of the brain.

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Long use of alcohol affects functions of the prostate gland. Over time, weak erection and subsequently complete impotence occur. This leads to problems in relationships with women.

At first, such phenomenon can be justified by a man himself by fatigue. A man constantly justifies, he finds excuses for refusing intimacy with a woman.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction are manifested in the form of vague pain, a weak orgasm, which a man does not enjoy.

All these unpleasant consequences can even lead to a nervous breakdown. There is still a need to justify before wife in the cause of what is happening to a man.

In general, any intake of alcohol, even small amounts, affects sex cells.

This is precisely the complexity of this issue. Many men do not think about consequences of frequent drinking. And the condition of their fertility does not matter. Explicit sexual desire at the time of intoxication (but only at the beginning of alcohol use) leads them to the idea of the absurdity of mentioning impotence and inability to procreate. Impotence itself does not manifest itself immediately but over time.

Violations of sexual function are observed in 30 – 50% of those suffering from alcoholism and are in the first and second stages of the disease.

Later, to decreased sexual desire, changes in sperm and their motility are added.

Too dangerous is alcohol at a young age. Beginning to drink alcohol in adolescence, at 30 it is unlikely that a man will have the healthy sexual appetite.

It should be noted that among men who consume alcohol there are exceptions, in which erection persists, even if they are too drunk. It depends more on characteristics of the human body.

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Other Problems that Arise on the Background of Alcohol Impotence

As impotence develops, in families on this ground conflicts with spouses arise. Known is the fact that alcoholic-husbands are very jealous. This is due to the fact that a man develops an inferiority complex. However, this happens unconsciously. The toughness of husband, in this case, can be understood. He can have hatred for his wife, but most of all to himself. Therefore, a man drinks even more and becomes even crueler. Moreover, jealousy does not necessarily take place in the event of actual betrayal, and can even turn into pathological. In this regard, we are talking about delirium of jealousy.

On the background of husband’s impotence, wives can cheat on them, which in turn has a negative impact on already grown jealousy of drinking husband. Life of spouses turns into a real nightmare, and if a wife, in this case, loses patience, then divorce is inevitable.

Some Aspects of Sexuality of Women Drinking Alcohol.

As for women, there are no special differences in this situation either. Alcohol also affects sexuality of women. But a little differently. In general, the sexuality of women under the influence of alcohol is a rather ambiguous topic. Some observations show that drunk women become cold, others on contrary, confirm increased sexuality at the time of intoxication.

Psychologists G. T. Wilson and D. M. Lawson conducted a special experiment. Its essence was that women participating in it, suffering from sexual disorders, were offered alcohol. Then they were interviewed. It turned out that after drinking alcohol there was a sexual desire. One of the women explained her sexual feelings as warming in the abdomen. Then female vaginal pressure was measured with the help of vaginal photoplethysmograph (instrument, for measuring blood volume). It was increased, since alcohol, it turns out, increased the flow of blood into this area.

Later G. T. Wilson and D. M. Lawson explained the development of female alcoholism, as one of the reasons for the desire to once again experience sexual arousal and pleasure.

Scientists also found that in the blood of men and women, alcohol, taken in the same volume, in women is identified in bigger extent. It was found that female body absorbs alcohol faster than male, but intoxication lasts longer than in men.

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So it turns out that alcohol that accompanies sex in reality only eliminates it. Men get impotence, women attract attention to themselves with increased sexuality. And those who suffer alcoholism a consequence can manifest even sexual promiscuity. It would be better if sex was natural and desirable. Therefore, treatment of impotence as a result of alcoholism should be mandatory.

Fortunately, impotence is treated! But too small percentage of men seek help from a doctor. It happens because of rejecting problem. And for a man – it’s also an unpleasant procedure. Most often they ignore this and continue drinking.

In any case, the health of each person is in his own hands.

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