Erectile Dysfunction Causes

After 45 years, hormonal system is decremented. In this case, a patient has a decrease in:

  • sexual desire;
  • incomplete erection;
  • lack of ejaculation.

All these problems can also be easily eliminated if treatment is requested in timely.

Erectile dysfunction appearance is influenced by such factors as:

  • hormonal changes;
  • diagnosis of pathology;
  • inflammatory processes in a genitourinary system;
  • bacterial lesion of gonads and organs;
  • psychological patient’s state;
  • associated pathologies in patient’s medical history;
  • improper nutrition and harmful preferences;
  • viral pathologies that are transmitted sexually;
  • medicamentous therapy of accompanying pathologies.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes Description

Hormonal system is of great importance in erection appearance. The system is designed to produce testosterone.

This hormone is necessary for man for development of:

  • secondary sexual attributes;
  • occurrence of excitement;
  • correct prostate performance.

For all these functions to be performed, the amount of testosterone in the blood is maintained at constant level. If there is a decrease in the amount of substance, then there are pathological symptoms.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes_ Visit a Doctor and Get to Know WhyIn such patients there is:

  • male-pattern baldness;
  • reproductive system performance is disrupted;
  • the body loses its male forms;
  • voice becomes higher.

To identify the cause of erectile dysfunction appearance, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination.

Vascular system has a pathological effect on erection. Violation of blood circulation entails a decrease in elasticity of their walls and partial cell death. In this case, a man may experience incomplete filling of penile cavernous bodies. Pathology is accompanied by an incomplete erection. In severe cases, a man completely lacks sexual excitement. Such symptoms can indicate a violation of blood circulation in an inguinal vein. To accurately establish ED cause, a patient must undergo an ultrasound examination and Doppler sonography.

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One of the erectile dysfunction causes is urogenital system inflammation. The inflammatory process is localized in different organs. A frequent cause of urogenital organs inflammation is sedentary lifestyle or hypothermia. Pathology is not immediately apparent. Symptoms are gradually increasing. In some cases, a complication of erectile dysfunction type is revealed after several months.

Modern doctors noted that many patients have bacterial diseases of genital organs. The pathways of pathological microorganism are different.

They note such ways of infection as:

  • improper personal hygiene;
  • violation of protection measures in case of sexual intercourse;
  • traumatization of genital organs.

When ingested into genitourinary organs, bacteria begin to multiply actively. At patient’s examination, microorganism accumulation and dead tissues that fed microbe are revealed. Bacterial infections have certain symptoms that depend on the localization of groups of pathogenic microorganisms.

The negative influence of stress. Erectile dysfunction is often found in men who have certain psychological stresses. Problems at work, prolonged stay in depression, quarrels and conflicts affect sexual attraction presence. This reason should not be ignored. Therapy is conducted in conjunction with a psychologist. If a patient has an unoccupied condition, erectile dysfunction treatment gives quick results.

Many patients have a number of chronic diseases. These include:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hypertension;
  • oncological neoplasms;
  • many others.

In diabetes, a patient suffers all internal organs. In diabetics, peripheral tissues trophic nutrition is significantly impaired. On this background, there is:

  • decrease in penis filling;
  • duration of sexual contact.

Hypertension sufferers have problems with cardiac muscle. Because of strong blood pressure on tissue, vascular walls become thinner. This also has a pathological effect on penis filling.

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Erectile dysfunction development can be affected by malnutrition and various bad habits. Oily and fried foods have a harmful effect on the vascular system. Under its influence, a rapid increase in body weight occurs. Patients who are overweight often have problems of sexual nature. Erectile dysfunction also occurs in men who abuse alcohol.

Alcohol molecules reduce:

  • content of healthy spermatozoa in a seminal fluid;
  • significantly reduce ejaculate volume;
  • worsen blood circulation.

Therapy is carried out under several specialists supervision. The main effect is giving up harmful products and alcohol.

Sexually transmitted diseases are very dangerous. These diseases:

  • reduce the protective barrier of men;
  • disrupts genitourinary organs performance.

The most simple method of protection against such diseases is a conventional condom. If a man has latex intolerance, it is necessary to control sexual contacts.

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