Canadian Health and Care Mall Reviews

Canadian Health and Care Mall is gaining more and more clients every day. Customer reviews is the best proof that you may use the services of this company without worring about anything. There is a huge number of positive testimonials about the pharmacy on the net. Read some of the user reviews posted below:

How Good is Canadian Healthcare? Customer Reviews

Canadian Health and Care Mall ReviewsRobert R. Gwaltney (37): “There are many reliable Canadian online pharmacies selling really good generic drugs. Over years, I checked a few of them and opted this online store. I have already made several orders in this online pharmacy and is very satisfied with the results. I l like your effective and really high-quality medicines, courteous support you give, low prices for generic drugs, fast delivery and an attractive discount program!”

Bernadette Ramos (32): “I am the wife of a 40-year-old man. My man has some health problems that require regular medications in significant quantities. Last year, we spent a lot of time and money to find just what we need. But a month ago, just by chance, I found some positive Canadian Health&Care Mall reviews. Looking through this online pharmacy, I found a lot of drugs that we could not find in our central pharmacy in the city. In addition, I was very surprised by the prices of tablets that were offered in the website. All of them were, at least, 2 times cheaper than in the ordinary medical stores. I’m glad that I found this convenient and reputable Canadian pharmacy where I just made a few orders and received them all within a week. Thank you guys for organizing such a great work!”

Cierra P. Larocque (24): “Good evening! I also want to thank your online pharmacy. The order was accepted and delivered immediately. I use your services not the first time. Also I want to thank the courier (a young guy – I do not know, unfortunately, his name, but I think it can be easily traced in the order details). Very nice and positive guy! Thank you for the excellent work of your team!”

Terresa Whitley (48): “I decided to try to order the medicine right in the office. I’m used to ordering goods through the Internet: foods, clothes, books, etc. Now I decided to experiment with medications. I was interested in advertising a new drug for women’s health and decided to buy it. I type in the search bar “legit Canadian pharmacy sites” and found myself on you website which was earlier unknown to me. I also read some reviews about this company, analyzed the prices and decided to order;) The medication was delivered in time. Shopping and service was ok!”

Donald Medina (46): “I ordered delivery of the medicine to my office address. It was delivered in time. Thank you for your promptness. The courier called me an hour before arrival. I checked all the medicines and compare the list of goods before the courier left (it was my first order online). All drugs were ok. The next time the package looked another way. Apparently depends on the delivery service? I’m quite satisfied with the assortment of the pharmacy. Thank you for your work.”

Asuncion Stearns (29): “Recently, I’ve come across some Canadian Health Care reviews left by dissatisfied customers and was very surprised! I’ve been using your services since 2012 and never had a single failure. The assortment is excellent – it’s very convenient that you can buy everything you need in one place, and not run around pharmacies, if you need something rare, prices are lower than anywhere, informative consultations, a wide selection of analogues, prompt and timely delivery. It’s 5 out of 5! Thanks for your work! Recommend to all.”

Mary Pritchard (21): “I made my first order on this site and was happy. The courier delivered the order 3 days later. He told me where and how to store some medicines, and asked me to recheck everything again. I was very pleased. P.S. I recommend this website to friends and relatives. Certainly! Thank you!”

Paul Jordan (30): “It was the first time I ordered medications online. I like everything, from the design of the website to delivery. It’s nice that the delivery is free if an order exceeds $150 – an adequate amount. Products are presented on the website in a wide range, there is a choice, and you find exactly what you need. Simply gorgeous! Thank you for generic Cialis, it is not sold in the pharmacies of my city. The courier delivered the drug on the 7th day but it was ok. He arrived at the agreed time, called in advance. I opened the parcel to check the list, everything was all right. The courier warned about the separately packed goods, which should be kept in the refrigerator. He left positive and pleasant impressions. I will definitely order from your website once again and recommend your store to all my friends! In my opinion, you are the most trusted Canadian online pharmacy! Thank you.”

Hilda Newbold (34): “I would like to express my deep gratitude to the staff of this online pharmacy, as well as to the staff of the delivery service. Very worried about the delivery of expensive medicine, since it required special conditions for transportation and storage. But it was not worth worrying at all))) Now I know that all the norms of transportation are observed. Thank you so much!”

Walter J. Lipscomb (40): “Thank you for the fast delivery and good attitude to customers! Everything is just great! The website is wonderful – you can find everything you need in a few clicks. Service excellent. The courier is wonderful – polite, sociable, very pleasant. There were pleasant impressions, thanks.”

Anonymous customer: “I found this pharmacy on the net when I was searching for “reputable Canadian online pharmacies”. The first page of the search results contained your website. Service is just on the level. I place an order at 10 am, and received the medication on the next day in the morning. The order was packed in a sealed box. None of the packages was damaged, everything is ok. Some drugs were transported to me in a cooled form, in accordance with the requirements and norms of its storage. I express my gratitude to the staff of the pharmacy! You are great guys! Keep it up! I will continue to order all preparations using your website!. P.S. unfortunately I did not find all the necessary products on the website, I hope for the soonest assortment renewal.”

Maria R. Moses (21): “I used the services of this pharmacy 8 times. I like clarity in work. All orders are delivered within one week at the agreed time. It is always pleasant to communicate with the courier. Your pharmacy is a real salvation for the elderly and disabled people, who find it difficult to go to the pharmacy. Thanks to all the staff for good attitude to customers. I will definitely order more items.”

Andrew V. Wolf (43): “Excellent service. I place an order for the third time – everything is exact in time, I never had anything lost. I use your services because I’m a disabled person, who, although quite a walker, still has problems with long trips… This service is very useful. Besides, the drug search on the website is wonderful: I compare the medications, read instructions, check expiration dates, read Canadian Health and Care Mall reviews on new medications. Thank you so much!”

Nicole R. Kearney (24): “I placed several orders during this year. All of them were delivered on time. The last order was for 260 dollar. On your website I found rare medicines that I could not find in pharmacies near my house. And I had no time to run around the city looking for them. I thank the managers and couriers for the timely delivery of medicines.”

Beverly Lamb (38): “Excellent pharmacy. Found it when was searching for Canada drugs legit pharmacies. I have been using it for several years, never had any complaints. Prices are lower than in regular pharmacies, fast delivery, maybe even on the day of the order. A huge selection of medicines, different manufacturers and different packaging. Managers are always polite, they will offer replacement for the missing goods. Couriers are punctual, always arrive on time.”

Is Canada Drugs Online Legitimate? Elite Medical Expert Reviews

Is Canada Drugs Online Legitimate- Elite Medical Expert Reviews

Reviews posted by Canadian medical experts are especially appreaciated. The best Canadian urologists and sex-therapists leave positive testimonials about this online pharmacy and medications their patients ordered online. Read some reviews 2017 below:

Frank Jackson: “I have been practicing medicine for over 10 years, and in my practice, Cialis is a life-saving medication for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. I always recommend it to my patients. I know that some of them order generic Cialis in your pharmacy, they say it works well. Sexual intercourse lasts longer, and erection occurs immediately. The only thing that I would advise – elderly men should take Cialis with caution.”

John Gregory: “I’m a doctor with a long experience. Over years I saw a lot of good effective drugs for men. I can say one thing, generic Levitra is really popular today because it is very effective. Men try it once, take it again. I think this is the safest drug for erectile problems. Always recommend your pharmacy to my patients as I had a good experience with its services. I was surprised that some of my patients thought that Canadian Health and Care Mall fake store. I assured them there was nothing to worry about!”

Louis Matos: “Often my patients complain of erectile dysfunction. Of course, this is not only a physical ailment, but also a psychological one. When I have such patients, I often prescribe Cialis or Generic Cialis, which proved effective: erection returns and the duration of the sexual intercourse increases. Patients always ask me if I know some trusted Canadian online pharmacies so that they could place an order anonymously. I always recommend your website. Perhaps there are some other good stores, but your website is the only one I had a positive experience with.”

Paul Corl: “My patients often ask me the question “How to prolong during intercourse?”. It’s important for men to have a good potency, since poor erection can ruin intimate relations. Only an experienced sex-therapist can help cope with this task and choose the right treatment. I prescribe Cialis in such cases. This is a highly effective drug, a worthy analogue of Viagra, but more democratic in price, with no side effects. The effect of the drug does not depend on alcoholic beverages and does not require a special diet. Therefore, I recommend Cialis – it will help improve an intimate life. The result is observed with the first use. I you feel embarrassed when buying this drug in a traditional pharmacy, try using a reputable online pharmacy. Cialis is available in different dosages and you may choose the one you need.”

Thomas W. Villalobos: “I live in a small town, where people do not have much money to buy expensive drugs, so my patients ask to prescribe something not very expensive. Generic Cialis was a godsend for me, i know that some patients buy this medicine in the most reputable Canadian pharmacy – it’s much cheaper than in city pharmacies, and sometimes the drug is not available in the city drugstore.”

Jonathan Bailey: “Indeed, generic Cialis is one of the most effective drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. Original Cialis is a good medicine, but generic Cialis also allows you to achieve a similar positive result.”

Leslie Darnell: “Unfortunately, patients seek help even when the treatment requires a lot of effort and time. For a “quick” effect, I always recommend Cialis, basing on my medical experience and feedback from grateful patients. The drug is really unique and works even in cases when other popular pills have no effect. Cialis is effective even with a single dose and rarely has side effects. But make sure you purchase this drug in trusted Canadian online pharmacies.”


Reputation of online pharmacies is based on the feedback and comments left by their customers. Numerous positive reviews testify that the seller tends to deliver high quality goods that really work and correspond to the description. According to the testimonials, low prices is the most important factor which encourages customers to buy medications in this pharmacy.