About Adam

Adam Cumberland for years wondered why some people seemed to achieve their goals in life whilst others often got stuck and could not move forward.

This thought has led him on a road of discovery in order to understand the intricate aspects of human behaviour. He became extremely knowledgeable on many subjects including neuro linguistic programming, body language, thought field therapy, life coaching, structure of language and other teachings.  Adam has worked with the famous and respected hypnotist Paul Mckenna helping others to overcome their limitations in life. Adam really wanted to understand this truly fascinating subject.

He acquired a lot of knowledge and experience, and this made him aware how limited this knowledge was of ‘human behaviour, but he leraned all the benefits of this way of processing information which consequently inspired him to get even deeper into this world and get a deeper understanding.

This finally proved rewarding to Adam in many aspects of his life.  His relationships in the business and intimate life have become more meaningful and fulfilling brought through his knowledge of human behaviour and how the mind and body function.

He realized that to be truly fulfilled it is paramount that an individual should be an excellent communicator but not just with others but with ‘themselves’. With specific tools, strategies, principles and techniques he has now over the years enjoyed working with men and women of all ages in many major cities throughout the world empowering them to live the life they want and indeed deserve.

Adam helps individuals eradicate negative patterns and limiting beliefs and then instils in them a positive attitude where anything is truly possible.

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His has travelled extensively throughout the world and worked with a complete cross section of people from all walks of life from the high profile rich and famous to ordinary working class individuals who just want to get the very best out of life.

He has assisted in tutoring young children to become more engaged in their studies and instill a positive attitude to give them motivation to aspire to greater things. He has addressed audiences in many countries consisting primarily of business entrepreneurs and CEO’s to encourage and motivate them with proven techniques to inspire their work-force, embrace camaraderie and to bring about success and fulfilment to both management and workers alike.  Adam has worked with directors of organizations such as HSBC and Merrill Lynch but enjoys working with individuals on a ‘one on one’ basis helping them breakthrough their limitations.

Adam takes pleasure seeing the personal growth of his clients and seeing their breakthroughs and realizations. Having had over ten years experience researching and studying the intricacies of the mind & body and working alongside the very best he has encompassed and utilised the excellent doctrines of each.

Adam has now made significant strides in an endeavour to speed up the process of change and has now embarked on taking this final step in bringing about this new and revolutionary Hypnotherapy into force to create fast and lasting change.  This new and exciting solution is now successfully and widely used in Adam’s  Clinic with positive and lasting results by many of Adam’s clients who are now free to live the life they want and have gone on to achieve far beyond their chosen goals.

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Passion to his work is clear to see to all that have made his acquaintance and he thrives on pushing the boundaries as to what can be achieved in helping people drop their negative thoughts and get past their unconscious limitations.  His patience and attention to detail with his clients is world class and he has kept in contact with many of his clients who he now regards as friends.

On occasions Adam is working with Richard Bandler (Co-Founder of NLP) helping people overcome their phobias and anxieties.

Having studied relentlessly for many years absorbing information along with studying in isolation to perfect his skills Adam realised that through his combination of techniques people can now not only break through negative limitations in just a short period of time but continue their journey to become outstanding in their chosen fields where there only limitation becomes their imagination.