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How to Care About Your Hair?

How to Care About Your HairEmpress Hair Care will explain the main tips of how to care of your hair. Let’s consider the main hair types, beauty tips and tricks. We pick up necessary information how to keep hair healthy and beautiful.

Hair types

For competent and efficient hair care, it is important to correctly define your hair type, as otherwise there is a risk of worsening their state. There are the following hair types:

  • normal;
  • dry;
  • oily;
  • mixed.

Normal hair reflects light well, shimmers in the sun. If your hair is elastic, hardly splits, easily styled, has a lively appearance and retains these qualities for several days after shampooing, it means that you competently and properly care for them with the help of hair products and your hair is healthy.

Features of different hair types

Unfortunately, it is very rare when there are no health problems. Oily hair has a characteristic dull shine. After a short time after washing, it sticks together and begins to seem dirty and untidy. The oiliness of the hair depends on the sebaceous glands of the scalp, which, in turn, is purely individual and is genetically established. To some extent, the amount of sebum produced depends on the type of diet and the amount of carbohydrates (primarily) and fats consumed with food.

Dry hair does not reflect light well, as a result of which it looks dull, without gloss. They are damaged easily, messed, difficult to comb, split at the ends. Often, dry hair is the result of improper care, not a consequence of decreased activity of the sebaceous glands.

Mixed hair type is usually long hair. They are oily at the roots and dry at the ends due to insufficient grease along the entire length. The ends of this type of hair often split without the necessary lubrication. They need a combination of different specialty care and an adjusted diet.

Empress hair care

What does proper empress hair care include? Washing is the most important component of the entire spectrum of hair care treatments. It serves both hygienic and cosmetic purposes. For healthy hair, not damaged or exhausted, correct and timely washing is the minimum sufficient care procedure.

Hair wash

The question of the washing frequency is set purely individually: from daily hair washing to 1 time in 8-10 days. Follow one rule: you need to wash your hair as often as you need it. For those who daily use hair styling products (gels, mousses, varnishes), it is recommended to wash their hair every day, because these products weigh down the hair, which has a negative effect on its state. For daily washing, use mild shampoos specifically designed for your hair types. Every woman may use empress beauty supply.


It is not recommended to wash your hair with too hot or too cold water. The optimum water temperature is 35-45 °C. The greasier the hair, the cooler the water should be. In addition, you should not apply shampoo to dry hair: first you need to wet your hair with water, then, pouring a little shampoo on your palm, rub it and slowly and gently rub it into the scalp, and only rinse your hair with the foam, trying not to rub them strongly against each other not to damage the hair shaft and cuticle. You need to soap your hair at least twice. This is due to the fact that during the first soaping, only part of the dirt, dust and sebum is removed from the hair. As a result, the therapeutic effect of the shampoo occurs only with its second application. Do not forget also that after using shampoo and other products, the hair must be thoroughly rinsed with water, not allowing detergent elements to remain on their surface.


It is believed that hair combed well before washing will comb better afterwards. It is recommended to comb short hair from the roots. Long hair should be combed from the ends, gradually moving towards the roots. It is better not to comb wet hair. If it is really necessary, do it not with metal combs, but with plastic or wooden ones. The best way to dry the hair naturally is, sometimes using a warm towel. Using a hairdryer is often not recommended, but if your hairstyle requires a hairdryer, you should use the cold drying mode keeping the hairdryer at least 40 cm from your head.

Hair wash

Let’s consider now about the main thing – how to choose the right product for washing your hair. First, keep in mind about why soap is categorically not suitable for this purpose. Soap completely destroys the protective water-lipid emulsive film from both the hair and the scalp. Hair after such washing becomes excessively dry, damaged, combed worse, becomes dull. In order not to cause such harm to the hair and at the same time to wash it off the accumulated grease, dust, exfoliated cells, there are special shampoos. They have a slightly acidic environment, natural for our skin and hair. There are different hair brands like empress regro, Maybelline, and etc.

Shampoo for hair types

Use a simple principle to choose a shampoo. Carefully read the text on the package and use the shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. After you start using this product, analyze the effect. Clean hair, the absence of fat on it, the shine of the hair after it dries, good combability and manageable, no scalp irritation are the positive effects of using the shampoo. One or two use is enough to understand that this shampoo is not suitable for you. In order to come to the conclusion that this shampoo is just for you, you need to use it regularly for at least a few weeks. In addition, a good shampoo should remove static electricity from the hair. The most important is to replace the loss of protein, moisture and nutrients. The statement that from time to time the shampoo needs to be changed is a myth. If you have chosen a shampoo that suits you completely, it is worth changing it to another only if the condition of your hair changes.


After using the shampoo, it is recommended to apply a conditioner to the hair. It has several functions. It facilitates drying and combing, gives the hair elasticity. It is better to use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner. They correspond to each other in composition. The combination of shampoo and conditioner from different brands does not benefit your hair and in some cases may even result in allergic reactions.


For a longer, full and deep healing effect, there are masks. They are applied to the hair for 15-20 minutes 1-2 times a week. It is very important to understand that hair care, like caring for any other part of the body, is a lifelong experience. You cannot take care of your hair for a month or two, and then forget about it, hoping that now they will be healthy for the rest of their lives. Be consistent and don’t leave your hair unattended.

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