Adam’s Lasting Effects of Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Maintain Your Desired Shape Without Effort Whilst Never Having To Consciously Diet Ever Again

We use a unique combination of tools of NLP, TFT & Hypnotherapy to ensure people break free from unwanted behaviours that are holding them back in a 3 hour single session hypnotherapy treatment.

“Adam use to run hypnotherapy for weight loss seminars with Paul Mckenna so I felt compelled to work with him ‘one on one’.  I not only lost weight but after 7 months Im now toned and full of energy” Terry Hanah

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Subject to an initial free 15 minute phone consultation you could break free from any of the following in a single session.

Do you ever:

  • Lose weight to have it pile back on again.
  • Experience Negative Self Talk
  • Are you over-eating
  • Find yourself repeating unwanted patterns
  • Craving certain food or drink (Including Alcohol)
  • Lose weight to the detriment of your health only to have it come back
  • Sugar cravings
  • Obsessing over food or drinks
  • Have fear of putting weight on
  • Comfort eating
  • Addictive urges
  • Binge at home
  • Waste time and lack motivation
  • Lack self esteem

This has nothing to do with fad dieting, will power or taking certain medications – Most people are aware that these do not work for lasting benefits.

We challenge you for the next 3 minutes to read every word on this page to discover how to not only lose weight but how to keep it off for life.  Then book your FREE Phone Consultation with Adam.


My combination of techniques for hypnotherapy for weight loss will give you back the control over food, eliminate cravings and change the relationship you have with food and drink. One way in which this is achieved is by Changing Limiting Beliefs (CLB) about food so you have a different emotional response towards the things you currently eat.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss will immediately assist in having you eat more of the foods that are healthy for your body.

Doctors Recommendation
“Adam’s combination of techniques used at his Hypnotherapy London clinic are truly revolutionary – Couple that with his warmth and integrity to his clients and genuine ability to make breakthroughs in often just minutes, I feel that Adam is leading the way as one of the most successful hypnotherapist in the world” 
Dr Zeki

The tailored process I can take you through for hypnotherapy for weight loss will also make you feel more relaxed & mentally in control where others will notice a change within you.  The process will also install within you a desire to want to exercise.   You will no longer…Keep ‘Trying’ to Exercise! Instead you will…’Want’ To Exercise!

Losing weight is one thing, having the body you want is another.

This is why more and more celebrities are turning to hypnotherapy for weight loss like Lilly Allen and Orlando Bloom.

Lilly Allen said:

“After the hypnotherapy for weight loss, I wanted to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad. I just want to get more toned and healthy. I now eat properly and enjoy so many different foods. I’m feeling really good about everything – I’ve never been happier.”

Orlando Bloom like so many was hooked on chocolate as a late teenager and was overweight. His mother arranged for a hypnotist to help him get back into shape fast.

Celebrity Geri Halliwell has also used hypnosis to get back on track.

The important thing to remember is that the help is out there and anyone can have the body they want. The biggest step is admitting to yourself you need help. The solution is the easy part but it takes a decision and only you can decide.

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Hypnotherapy for weight loss is the most successful form of weight loss today as it treats your subconscious beliefs about food. These beliefs trigger any number of emotions at different times of the day. We often eat due to boredom, loneliness or being miserable and for so many other emotional reasons. None of these emotional reasons has anything to do with hunger.

Change the Internal Conflict Permanently & Enjoy the Body you want for life 

We often use food to make us feel good because that is what we have been taught at a young and sensitive age. It is those beliefs like that keep people on endless yo yo diets with their weight continuing to fluctuate up and down.

Your 3 hour session is tailored specifically for you

The session is bespoke to the client’s specific needs. Any other hypnotherapy for weight loss that offers a one size fits all is destined to fail.

As a Harley Street weight loss hypnotherapist for over 10 years, we consider many types of treatment and combinations of treatments for lasting change with our Hypnotherapy for weight loss 3 hour single session.

Here are some of them…

  • Hypnotic gastric band
  • Motivation to exercise
  • Controlling portion size
  • Changing habitual behaviours with food
  • Eliminate pressures to eat by other family members
  • Healthy eating for vitality & longer life
  • Removing conflicts
  • Cravings into repulsions
  • Self Image/Self Perception
  • Ensuring ‘values’ in line with your ‘beliefs’
  • Belief in the new you

We have had so many people not just get results through hypnotherapy for weight loss but who have experienced the enjoyment that comes with maintaining their shape years after the treatment where they never have to think about dieting again. This will free your mind to focus more of your precious time on the things you want to enjoy and ultimately squeezing more juice out of living the life you want.


The majority of us have bad eating and drinking habits and I want to give you a new habit so you too can live a vibrant and abundant life.

Are you sceptical?

Hypnosis for weight loss is a 100% proven technique now being endorsed by the British Medical Association ( & American Medical Association (

If after 30 days of seeing me you are not entirely satisfied with your results or feel you have not made a significance improvement in your weight loss I will happily see you again at no additional cost to yourself.   If the impossible did happen and your poor eating habits returned some time in the future I would see you again at no cost to you to ensure you stay on track.

Our Harley Street Clinic Guarantee 

Whilst we offer you a FREE support structure after the treatment, 96% of our clients only have one session. Can you imagine going another 10 years feeling the way you do? Imagine looking in the mirror 10 years from now if you didn’t decide to change. How would that make you feel?  What hurt you the most?  What did you lose out on?  There is simply no need to live under this cloud. You have a choice but only you decide.

I know you are not looking for mediocre or just ‘ok’ results. ‘Ok’ results are easy – just follow the masses which at best get average ok results. I know you are reading this because you are looking for ‘exceptional’ results like all my other clients that have taken that first step by either picking up the phone or filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

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No More Excuses

So many people agonize on past events or worry about how the future might be but the truth is we only ever have the Now to Make a Change. When we take action in the moment that’s when we feel alive.

We can all to often make excuses to not take action in the moment for the things that we really want. “I will later” or “I will tomorrow” but “later” and “tomorrow” never actually arrive.  You don’t have to keep dreaming of what you want – make it your reality, but only you can decide.

I have personally worked with hundreds of people to get back into their desired shape using hypnotherapy for weight loss.  I have also worked personally with Paul Mckenna the famous hypnotist helping large audiences of people get back into shape and now I want to help you.

I kindly invite you to pick up the phone now and chat with my PA & book your…

FREE Phone Consultation

with myself Adam Cumberland or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I look forward to getting to know you personally.

Kindest regards.

Adam Cumberland GHR MNLP

Weight Loss Cuts Cancer Gene Risk For Women

The National Health Service (NHS) has published an extensive report on the causes of cancers and concluded that over 50% of cancers can be avoided by making four simple life style changes including diet, alcohol, exercise and smoking.
The report which is published in full and reported on National Television “BBC News” makes interesting and compelling reading.

Adam Cumberland who practices out of his Hypnotherapy London Clinic in Harley Street can help you with these four life style changes with his revolutionary hypnotherapy for weight loss treatment by making these changes effective and truly lasting in order to maintain a happy and healthy life.    

Disclaimer – Although the majority of our treatments are one long single session, on occasions depending on the individual requirement, an additional session could be required. This would be established in the initial phone consultation so the client has absolute clarity before commencing with any treatment. 

Praise From Our Clients

4 years after one session with Adam 

“Thank you Adam and your London Hypnotherapy Clinic for the wonderful experience I encountered with you.

At last an intelligent and honest approach to long-term weight loss that works with no special foods, diets or other products.

Just a logical way of understanding your own mind and what is getting in your way.

No weighing or counting calories with no experiences of feeling negative about yourself.

I am now living my life free of dieting without the preoccupation with weight and food.

I have kept my weight off now for 4 years and have never felt better about myself”

Jennifer Radcliffe – Housewife

Yoyo dieting a thing of the past

“I discovered Adam on the Radio.

I am so grateful for the new journey my life is taking.

My weight use to be up and down like a yoyo for over 10 years.

I will always remember your words “mindful” and “boundaries” being the two most powerful words in my vocabulary.

In that one 3 hour session I felt you equipped me with a new found knowledge of myself in relation to nutrition, food, exercise and the all important mindset.

Thank you kindly for your help and support and making me feel it was possible to change.

It’ s been over a year since we met and my figure is just where I want.

Adam, you are so much more than a hypnotherapist, you are an inspiration to me”

Carol Russell – Banking

My powerful mind blew me away

“I was using a stick to climb the stairs and my health was deteriorating and I had been warned by my doctor that I had to take control.

I had appetite suppressants but as soon as I came off of them my weight would balloon.

Thanks to you Adam and your patience and understanding I now understand my mind and have taken control of the situation.

I have stopped craving certain foods and have lost four stone and have kept it off.

I do gentle exercise and have made new friends due to my new found confidence.

I thought my life was over but now feel it has just began.

I had no idea how powerful the mind could be and how we must have total control over it before it controls us. Thank you Adam”

Joan Francis – Hertfordshire

Gain ‘Control’ over food and drinks 

“I wanted to lose weight for my son’s wedding which was three months ago.

After one session at the London Clinic with Adam my weight started to deplete but more than that I started to feel more positive about myself.

I had tried for years and years to lose weight and I often succeeded in losing a few pounds but as soon as a stressful situation arose I used food as a friend to get me through.

It was like a bad cycle that kept repeating itself. Lose weight, gain weight. My mind was out of control.

It never really was about feeling hungry it was just a reaction to stress.

I would cry and try again the next day but never would I succeed. I know I will never go back to my old ways.

Emotional eating is a thing of the past. My husband also seems very happy : ) Thanks Adam”

Julia Flemming – Kent

14 pounds lighter in 14 days

“You will be pleased to know yesterday was 14 days since I saw you and I am 14 lbs lighter – yes a whole stone.

Ted my horse was really on his toes when I rode him at the weekend and we had a great time.

I had a couple of real crises at work last week and normally I would have turned to food but I didn’t and was so amazed.

Some amazing things have happened like yesterday I was walking home from work and I had a whole flood of really nice childhood memories something I had blocked out for years.

I am so grateful and feel so much better and happier within myself – I am so grateful to you Adam”

Samantha Davis – Central London

Lasting Results – Binging No More

“I like the fact that Adam had worked so closely with Paul Mckenna on numerous occasions running weight loss seminars.

I also liked the fact that Adam’s skills were at the level where he has trained others to be hypnotic practitioners so I decided to arrange a free phone consultation.

Adam answered all my questions on the phone and clearly demonstrated that he had great understanding into weight issues.

Adam use to have weight issues himself so I decided to work with him.

I had one 3 hour session and I left the clinic feeling lighter and more confident.

All my cravings have gone.

That was 15 months ago and I have maintained my ideal weight now for over 6 months.

I recommend Adam to everyone. You are a star”

Sarah Giles – Surrey

Inner Conflict Resolved

Dear Adam,
The hypnotherapy has certainly worked to the extent I had hoped. It seems to provide an intuitive boost to my willpower without actually ‘preventing’ or ‘controlling’ me at all.

Since I saw you a month ago I have lost 10lb of weight and have easily switched to much healthier choices. I have been ‘wanting’ to go to the gym. I’m pleased with my new shape.

Before seeing you I could not stick to this and found much inner resistance to diet and exercise, so THANKS!!

If you want to see more reviews or video testimonials then please visit our YouTube Channel.