A unique combination of tools of NLP, TFT & Hypnotherapy to ensure people break free from unwanted behaviours

Testimonial by Doctor: “Adam has developed techniques over the years through working closely with Paul McKenna that create lasting change in people’s unwanted feelings and behaviours. This compassionate man is changing lives with his lifes work of hypnotherapy” Doctor Glover

Disclaimer – Results can vary from one person to another

Dicover how Adam can erradicate the below from your life in a 3 hour session.


  • Social Anxieties;
  • Panic Attacks;
  • Problems engaging others;
  • Stress;
  • General Anxiety;
  • Obsessions;
  • People fears;
  • Irational fears;
  • Fear of public speaking;
  • Feelings of unease;
  • Anxieties.

For the next three minutes we invite you to read every word on this page so you can discover how to elliminate anxieties and unwanted feelings from your life once and for all through hypnotherapy for anxiety. Then phone us to arrange your free phone call with Adam so he can offer you some practical advice in the moment aswell as ideas for moving forward.

All too many times doctors prescribe a cocktail of pills which do NOT take care of the reason why the negative feelings are there in the first place. Instead, Adam discovers and treats the underlying core issues.

“My Social Anxiety disorder consumed me. I researched heavily and decided I wanted hypnotherapy for anxiety by Adam. Best decision of my life. My life is moving forward. Thank you Adam for guiding me through. Social anxiety disorder is no more.
Francine Blake

No need for medications thanks to breakthroughs in hypnotherapy for anxiety

My name is Adam cumberland and for over ten years I have developed various techniques at my Hypnotherapy Clinic in Harley Street so people can take back the contol over anxieties and unwanted feelings in their life. I achieve this by going to the core of individuals issues and working with their beliefs which govern their whole reality. When we address our beliefs we can then have a different emotional response to a variety of situations.

How can change happen so quickly?

Through a combination of techniques known as Thought Field Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy for anxiety which has been confirmed thousands of time to be the best methods for creating immedaite and lasting change in people lives. So much so that now executives at the National Health Service (NHS) are referring us patients.

I have worked closely with the very best in their fields from Dr Bandler to Paul Mckenna and have taken the next step.

I was sceptical as to whether hypnosis for anxiety
could create any lasting change. Well it did for me.
Adam helped me to filter outside events in a different
way and has changed the way I roominate my thoughts.
I recommend Adam’s hypnosis for anxiety to anyone.

Gary Henley – London

When we try to tie our shoe laces as a child, it can often feel challenging. We consciously try and try until it becomes easy (unconscious). Now when we tie our laces we have this unconscious thinking taking care of this task. We no longer ‘try’ we just ‘do it’ without thinking. A perfect unconscious programme.

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Consciously humans can mentally process between 3 and 6 things at any given moment but unconsciouly we are processing literally millions. We can all at different times in our lives accidently pick up unconscious habits that are not so empowering. The important thing to remmber is that we do not have to live with them any longer.

Do you have negative unconscious thoughts?

Any anxieties or destructive feelings can be linked back to a negative unconscious thinking through the use of a trained hypnotherapist and then treated and turned into a postive unconscious thinking. The results are immediate and lasting as the issue is treated at the core.

  • Is this having an adverse effect on your relationships?
  • Is this spoiling intimacy?
  • Does this hold you back at work?
  • How would you live your life without this condition?
  • What new opportunites would you like to go for?
  • Do not accept anything less than you deserve.
  • You do have a choice but only you decide.

Do you ever feel any of the below?

  • Racing heart;
  • Breathing difficulties;
  • Discomfort in chest;
  • Struggling to sleep;
  • Feelings towards depression;
  • Nervous in specific situations;
  • Worry about future events;
  • Fear of the unknown;
  • Feelings of hopelessness;
  • Lacking ‘Control’.

What you will discover with hypnosis for anxiety…

  • How to control and switch off any negative self talk;
  • Turning self sabotaging into motivation;
  • How to elicit empowering thoughts on demand;
  • Free your mind so you can enjoy living life;
  • How to feel confident and in control in all situations.

“My Social anxiety disorder took over my life. I decided
I wanted hypnosis for anxiety. I worked with Adam for just
over 3 hours. My social anxiety disorder
is now the past. I now truly enjoy people.
Like Adam says – Life is Relationships”

Ken Baker – Hypnosis for anxiety

9 months post treatment “I wanted hypnotherapy for anxiety.
I had a social anxiety disorder in almost every situation.
Adam eliminated those feelings in one long session.
I now take pleasure in engaging with others. Magic.

Tim Lee – Hypnotherapy for anxiety

These people are no different from you and I.

The reason why I am a hypnotherapist today is because I use to suffer from social anxiety disorder and now I mingle and make freinds in all situations. I even met my wife walking along Oxford Street in Central London. There is just no need to be living under this cloud.

The hardest part is admitting you need help in the first place – the solution is available.

FREE Phone Consultation

I would like to invite you to pickup the phone today and call my Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic 020 7586 9350 where one of my two friendly Personal Assistance will happily book your Free Phone Consultation with myself where we will discover if hypnotherapy for anxiety is for you.

Or if you would rather, kindly fill out the below blue form and I will personally get back to you.

If you would like to live free from these destructive feelings then find that courage within to contact us today.

  • What have you missed out on in life because of this?
  • What other experiences could you miss out on in the future?
  • What goals have you not achieved?
  • How would you feel three years in the future if you still had these feelings?
  • “Failing to engage with others was ruining me.
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After trying various professionals I was recommended

  • Adam for hypnosis for anxiety.
  • I kept an open mind. Adam, you truly changed my life.
  • I can’t thank you enough. It’s a joy to write these words for you.
  • No one need live with social anxiety disorder anymore.
  • Marcie Goldings – Hypnotherapy for anxiety.

There is a way to overcome your anxiety once and for all

I recieve emails and reviews frequently from our clients that have completed our single session of hypnotherapy for anxiety that have not just been cured of these dabilitating feelings but have gone on to live exciting lives in more ways than one.

You have 98 muscles in your face alone and each one tells a story as to what you are thinking and feeling. Others will genuinely notice the change in you but more importantly you will feel it.

After working with a psychologist and numerous
sessions with a councillor I was losing hope. I then
discovered Adam who’s explanation of hypnosis for
anxiety made sense to me. After a three hour session of
hypnosis for anxiety I felt a change in me. My family saw an
instant change in me.
That was 15 months ago and I havn’t looked back.
Adam’s hypnosis for anxiety is changing lives.

Susan Bradshaw 31 from Surrey

If you want to put an end to this destructive pattern – you have nothing to lose by experiencing a free phone consultation with myself – it has helped so many before you and there is no finacial risk to yourself.

If you are ready to start a new chapter in your life then I would love to hear from you. I have helped so many great people before you and now I want to help you.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Kindest regards.

Adam Cumberland MNLP GHR

I never relised the power of my own mind.
Adam’s Hypnotherapy for anxiety certainly
changed my life for the better.
I feel for the first time in my life I can enjoy
the one thing I really care about…Relationships with others.
I whole heartedly recommend Adam’s Harley Street Clinic
for hypnotherapy for anxiety.

Alison Harding

Disclaimer – Although the majority of our treatments are one long single session, on occasions depending on the individual requirement, an additional session could be required. This would be established in the initial phone consultation so the client has absolute clarity before commencing with any treatment.

Praise From Our Clients

Anxiety with others vanished

“I have constantly struggled with meeting other people. I have always been to much in my head either worrying aboout what might happen or concerning myself with the past.

Thanks to 3 hours with Adam I now enojoy the moment and live in the present. I feel great. Thank you dearly”

Stephen Granger – hypnotherapy for anxiety

Admiting I needed help was hardest

“After extensive research I decided I wanted hypnotherapy for anxiety by Adam.

The thought of making that first telephone call was more nerve-racking than when I actually walked through the door and met up with Adam who was warm and welcoming and made me feel at total ease.

There was absolutely no pressure to talk and within a few minutes of listening to Adam I felt my confidence soar.

I have always been very skeptical of alternative remedies but I don’t think I could have carried on suffering from the severe social anxiety disorder that I experienced for most of my life if I had not made that call.

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I did not want to spend hours in therapy where problems were generalizations being given out to all and sundry.

This was personal and Adam dealt with my anxiety problems on a very one to one basis without being judgmental in any way.

In the first half hour I felt excited at the prospect of someone actually understanding my needs and after that first session my world opened up.

This is truly a life changing experience and I am so grateful for what I have learned.

I am now a happy person who is now not afraid of life.

I would recommend hypnotherapy for anxiety from this compassioante Harley Street hypnotherapist to anyone”

Julian Fisher – Newcastle

Social Anxiety Disorder – Gone for good

“I have suffered from Social Anxiety disorder since I was very young and I knew I had a tough problem of socialising.

I noticed my parents and my sister could chat to people with no problems and my sister is a lot more out-going and sociable than I am.

Even going to family events was traumatic and when I reached adulthood life just got worse.

I used all the usual tools to make myself better. Spent money on shoes and clothes.

I tried to think of interesting things to say but no matter what I did I always ended up feeling distressed and hopeless.

I knew I couldn’t go on this way and a friend of mine had heard of Adam’s Hypnosis for anxiety and suggested I telephone him.

I said I would but another month went by before I summoned up the courage to make the call.

Adam was like a breath of fresh air and in the first session unravelled my negative thoughts and put me on the road to total fulfillment.

I am now confident and free from my own depressing thoughts.

That single session instilled deep and lasting confidence into my inner being and gave me a new lease of life.

Thank you Adam – you saved my life in more ways than one.”

Danielle Heming – Hypnosis for anxiety

The Turning Point of my Life

“My name is Emma and I first met Adam in January 2011.

Up until that point in my life, I had felt useless, alone and had no friends and a genuine social anxiety disorder.

I was tortured by negative thought patterns, crippled by social anxiety which made my body shut down.

I had always felt different to other people.

Through my life I pushed myself through things I was scared of i.e. going to college and finding a job but this fear just felt so damaging.

I always had this barrier of social anxiety disorder in front of me like an unmovable stone wall which would take a miracle to break through.

I plucked up the courage to pick up the telephone and arrange a phone call with Adam.

After speaking with Adam I knew I had arrived at the right place. He knew exactly how I felt as he too use to have social anxiety disorder. I decided I wanted Adam for hypnosis for anxiety.

I felt I was at the starting point of a new life where I was in control.

In one long session Adam totally turned my life around with his hypnotherapy for anxiety. He equipped me with the tools and strategies so that I am now in total control of my life.

I highly recommend hypnosis for anxiety by this great man.

I know longer have a social anxiety disorder, instead life to me has more meaning than ever before.

I will never again be held back by negative thoughts and will always be grateful to Adam for giving me my life back”

A Happy Emma Chase – Hypnosis for anxiety treatment